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A BirthKeeper is anyone, anywhere, who feels called to guard and protect

 the critical "PRIMAL CONTINUUM of  human


We respect and protect the relationships that support the life-giving capabilities of WOMEN & MEN.

WE are especially devoted to protecting the sacred MotherBaby relationship that is the root of a healthy society.

We Honor our primary relationship to  our MotherEarth who sustains and nourishes all life.

The BirthKeeper Movement is dedicated to Jeannine Parvati's vision and these concepts, non-violent communications, shared leadership, and consensus decision making, to guide our social interaction.


(Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health) APPPAH
Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children

Birth Activist Collective

Birth, Growth and Healing Ltd.

Birth Spirituality and Healing

Birthing the Future


California Association of Midwives

California Indian Environmental Alliance

Center for Environmental Health

Doula Caribe International

EcoBirth-Women for Earth and Birth

Espiritu Midwifery
Families for Conscious Living

Global Force for Healing

Idle No More SF Bay Area

Institute of Feminine Arts and Sciences

Intact America

International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC)

International Maternity and Parenting Institute
Kindred Media

Kutenai Institute of Integral Therapies 

LGBTQ Perinatal Wellness Associates

Nia Center & Bay Area Birth Keeper Doulas

National Organization of Circumcision Resource Centers

Physicians for Social Responsibility- SF Bay Area

Sacred Ground Community Education and Resource Center

Shakti Moon

Touch the Future

The Decolonize (Occupy) Pregnancy Birth and Parenting Caucus of Occupy Oakland

Womens Congress for Future Generations-NorCal Chapter

World Organization of Prenatal Education Associates

Zulu Birth Project

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Archetype/model of living: MotherBaby MotherEarth

is our primary, immutable relationship.

All photos: (c) Suzanne Arms