Are you called to be a BirthKeeper ? Gather with birth workers, environmentalists, activists, parents and grandparents to take up our sacred responsibility to heal our Mother Earth by Healing Birth. Come to San Francisco, Ca, April 30-May 3, 2015 to convene a grassroots social movement that protects MotherBaby MotherEarth .

The immutable connection between MotherEarth and MotherBaby is clear: anything done to MotherEarth like drilling, mining, spraying chemicals, not only destroy her but creates pollutants that enter our mothers bodies causing neonatal deaths,premature birth and birth defects. Unnatural interventions in the birthing process is compromising the capability of a woman to birth and imperiling the future health of our babies. MotherEarth’s capability of sustaining all life born here is being limited by the destruction of her real food production,climate change and loss of the full diversity of her ecosystems, compromising the integrity of our human capacities and potential.

This is the time to take on the role of BirthKeeper who will guard our most precious birthright-being born healthy and loved into a flourishing and just world. This is the time to choose to focus on the treatment of mothers who are the first environment for life, birthing the future generations of happy, thriving humans, who are fully capable of caring and protecting our beloved home-earth.

How would our world be if we put MotherBaby MotherEarth first? There would be waves of change in our medical,economic, governmental, legal and financial infrastructures, because the first consideration would be on sustaining the sacred relationship into which all life is born not on convenience, profit and dominance. We would act in solidarity with all who are endeavoring to change the systems of destruction in our culture, becoming BirthKeepers and Beloved Ancestors.

At the first BirthKeeper Summit, May2015, we will learn the essential work needed to change the current harmful societal paradigm. We will hear from Black activists, Indigenous elders, and youth leaders on what steps we can take to move forward to create a world of care and compassion. We will be inspired by the confluence of grassroots movements from diverse segments of our society-rights activists, environmental health proponents, social justice advocates, grandmothers, feminists… all understanding the connections we hold together and the responsibility we have to support and love our precious babies and the future of our beloved MotherEarth.