Birth Workers of Color In Washington DC, USA

We Want You Here! 

Please come to My Sista's Keeper as well as

the BirthKeeper Summit and

Our Events and Actions Around ACOG's Annual Convention!


My Sista's Keeper

A Night of Coalition Building and Self Healing for Birth Workers of Color Movement.In conjunction to The 2016 BirthKeeper Summit.

Act Now- Limited Seating!

BirthKeeper RaShaunda Lugrand of The InTune Mother Project will be leading this intimate evening.

Get To Know BirthKeeper ~ Who We Are & What We’re About:

We are a coalition of individuals and organizations working to create a successful nonviolent rEVolution…transforming how we bring humans into the world, care for the childbearing woman and baby…so we can fulfill our human potential and meet the challenges facing humanity and our mother Earth.

The primacy of the mother-baby relationship hasn’t been understood. This has resulted in dysfunctional systems that have caused widespread harm & suffering to women, babies and families.

Several decades of solid science holds answers for replacing ignorance with knowledge - transforming broken systems – health and maternity care – into safe, effective, cost-effective one, with wise use of all resources…Sustainable systems for optimal health for all.

The result is a new paradigm for growing sane human beings, based in biological principles, and valuing human intuition, creativity… and diversity. Key to meeting mother-baby needs is not stressing or interrupting their bond, which starts pre-conception. This will prevent trauma and will allow humans and families to move to a level of thriving of which we are capable.

This new paradigm requires that anyone working with, or on behalf of, the mother-baby, family, or any aspect of The Primal Continuum of Human Development recognize the importance of their work, respect the wisdom of biological processes, honor the work that women everywhere do in literally birthing the world’s future, and share the understanding of this new paradigm wherever they can.


May 14, 6pm This is a night day event designed for women of color who are coming to Washington DC as part of the BirthKeeper Summit events. Join us that evening to meet other like-minded individuals to form a coalition with local and international Birth Workers of Color in a safe place.
A sanctuary where we can privately talk about:

  • Coalition Building and Self-Healing
  • Creating Cross-Cultural Learning Models
  • Community Centered Investment Funds