Open minds and open hearts: How can we unwrap and free ourselves of fear and oppression? Shifting our consciousness about internal and external forms of oppression, whether political, socio-economic, psychological or physical, lets us reclaim our primal power: truth-telling.


We carry our destinies in our bodies. The MotherBaby bond shapes our brains and nervous systems, and, through them, our connections with other humans, other beings and our MotherEarth. The body is one ecological, intimate system, how are we changing it?



Respecting and supporting MotherBaby helps us all reclaim our birthright of empathy and connection, transforming ourselves, our communities and the whole of humanity. Find and share transformational thinking, spiritual nourishment and practical skills for nurturing our infants and ourselves.


In this moment of unhealthy political, social, economic and environmental conditions, how can we stay connected with our passions, our personal autonomy and our inherent strengths? As we life-givers respond to today's challenges, fully-resourced communities are needed to support us in the many roles we play. 


Reclaiming our maternal lineage which connects us to all life through all time. We honor and protect the life-giving relationships of MotherBaby MotherEarth for a flourishing and loving world for all future generations .


We are born into a social world that acts on us as we act on it. Creating a birth revolution is part of a greater paradigm shift in which activism can create justice, forgiveness, restoration and well-being through changing external structures, hierarchies and cultures.