Deb Puterbaugh, BirthKeeper Summit Organizer

Deb has been published in Midwifery Today, Mothering, Squat, CAM and the APPPAH Journal. A public speaker and educator you can find out more about her work at

Dedicated to women’s empowerment, Deb Puterbaugh has devoted her adult life to “HEALING BIRTH." 

She is a grandmother of seven precious new beings.  


A mother of three and step-mother of two, she is a daughter, sister, wife, and lover. Deb is deeply devoted to the sacred feminine.  She has been assisting women and families for over 35years, in the process of family making.

Deb is the first graduate of Hygeia College (1983) a woman’s mystery school founded by the late Jeannine Pavarti.   Jeannine created the concept of BIRTHKEEPING.   Deb vowed to Jeannine on her death bed that she would carry on her work: “Healing Birth”. 

She devotes her time to this work as an activist for birth and feminine wisdom. Deb’s roots in birth work run deep, inspired by her Great, Great Grandmother, a Mormon Midwife!


She now serves her community as a California Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife, and she is a she is a CD (DONA) trained doula.

Deb is a member of MANA, CAM, ICEA, BEBE

She sits on the executive board for the Association ofPre and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) and she is the PR chair for California Association of Midwives and APPPAH. 
She is a member of Association of Midwifery Educators, AME. Deb also sits on the Board of irectors of The Institute of Feminine Arts and Sciences.

Her goal is to see birth psychology include as a core competency in midwife education. 

Deb is currently working on her Masters in Midwifery at he Midwives College of Utah.