Dr. Diane Speier


Before immigrating to the UK in 1998, Diane was the founder and director of The Family Tree Center for Parents in New York. Diane became a certified childbirth educator in 1978, and taught classes in fitness to pregnant and postnatal women for 20 years. Diane also started attending births as a doula in 1978, which evolved into a Doula service for childbirth and postnatal home care called Birth and Beyond. After training in the facilitation of human potential, 

The Birth Empowerment Workshop ® was born as a powerful weekend intensive for pregnant couples seeking a multidimensional and holistic approach to birth and parenting. This workshop evolved into a couple’s retreat designed to deepen intimacy while empowering the family space.


Diane’s passion is to help heart-centered women and their partners gently birth new souls into the world in a conscious,powerful and peaceful way.  As a perinatal psychotherapist, Diane practices psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, and specializes in the psychology of parenthood, the psycho-physiology of birth,postnatal depression and recovering from birth trauma.


In keeping with the digital age, and in collaboration with her daughter, Mariel Sands, her 35 years of experience has been harnessed as an empowering and reassuring postnatal app for an international audience of new parents. Digital Doula, the first app of its kind, brings time tested postnatal wisdom into  

the 21 st century and delivers it in a format that this generation of childbearing women can connect with. Based on the book, The Handbook for the Postnatal Period, this postnatal resource for new mothers(and fathers) also gathers updated information, research, articles and videos and brings them directly to the consumer.


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Why I’m Excited to Be Part of the BirthKeeper Summit

I got to know Jeannine Parvati Baker when I was a regular delegate at the PPPANA/APPPAH congresses between 1983 – 1995. Her book Conscious Conception was an inspiration to me, and the conception of my 4th child, on the day of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, was in accord with the creative ideas that were contained in that exceptional book!

She inspired my dedication to the sacred aspects of birth and to the power of birthing women.

Dr. Diane Speier