The first BirthKeeper Summit of 2015 was grand success.   Over 450 people attended!

We were honored to host these Plenary Speakers:

Loretta Ross (USA) Expert on women's issues, racism and human rights

Robin Lim (Bali) 2011 CNN Hero of the Year/Activist Midwife

Katsi Cook (6 Nations, Canada) Aboriginal Midwife/Health & Reproductive Justice

Dr. Michel Odent (France) Epidemiologist/Primal Health Research Centre

The T-shirt asks, "Why is the USA ranked 50th in the world for infant mortality?"

In 2014, the USA was ranked 55th ~ perhaps the worst of all other highly industrialized countries in spite of spending the most on health care.

What is a BirthKeeper?

A Birthkeeper guards our most precious birthright-being born healthy

and loved into a flourishing and just world. We respect and protect

the relationships that support the life-giving capabilities of our mothers

who are birthing the future generations of happy, thriving humans,

and our Mother Earth who sustains and nourishes all life.

Motto: Healing Birth is Healing our Earth



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