Human Rights in Childbirth

Kathi Valeii is a mother to three children, author of the Birth Anarchy blog, and the CommunicationsDirector for Human Rights in Childbirth.

Her decade-long years of bearing witness and listening to women’s stories as a birth doula and birth educator offer a unique lens into the rampant abuse of women in today’s maternity care system.

Kathi has been called “a true artist,” and “one of the brightest minds in this movement.”

Her essays have appeared in numerous publications including, Squat Birth Journal and Midwifery Today.



"I'm excited about participating in the Birthkeeper Summit, and exploring how each of our unique voices and experiences lend valuable insight and momentum in the movement to reclaim birth.

Something powerful happens when passionate people gather in the same physical space.

Things start to happen."

- Kathi Valeii

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