Kirsti Kreutzer


Kirsti Kreutzer is a gifted storyteller who uses film to educate to public about birth. She has made several short films about midwives and is currently working on a larger project about the benefits of birth centers for the American Association of Birth Centers.

Kirsti,along with Anna Van Wagoner, has created a unique event for Birth Activists everywhere to come together to build community and plan the birth revolution.  This is event is the Annual  Birth Activist Retreat.  In 2012 Birth Activists gathered at The Farm in Tennessee.  In 2013 they circled up in in the mountains towering above Salt Lake City, Utah. 

In 2014 they are all calling all Birth Activists to join this BirthKeeper Summit, it is truly the Birth Activist Event of the year!  All who gather will continue to lay the groundwork for a full scale Birth Revolution!  

Kirsti and Anna hold a vision of all Birth Activists working together, supporting one another, and coordinating their actions, this is The Birth Activist Collective.  For the  Birth Revolution to take root and grow everyone needs to unite!

Kirsti is a fierce advocate for birthing women.  She has worked tirelessly to increase access to midwives in her role as Co-Director of  Where’s My Midwife? and has volunteered countless hours for North Carolina Friends of Midwives. 

Kirsti serves on the board of Birth Network National and
is a member of the Leadership Committee for the Coalition to Improve Maternity Services ( CIMS )