Molly Arthur


Molly Arthur is the convener of EcoBirth- Women for Earth and Birth. Her mission is to unite the work of birth activists and environmentalists, by awakening women to the sacredness of being the first environment of the future generations.

Her efforts at Greening the Womb and launching the My Personal Environmental Story project highlights the necessity of our environment being natural, unpolluted and caring for the well-being of all life. Understanding that our Mother Earth’s offerings and our maternal lineage forms through our bodies and creates the future generations compels us women to awaken to our embodied beauty and to honor ourselves.

Molly explores the spiritual, the biological and physical aspects of how women can claim our authority to change our world to a better place.

Molly is the mother of two adult children born undrugged, she has been married for 40 years, is a 6th generation Californian and is an Associate nun with the Religious of the Sacred Heart and a committed member of the Women’s Congress for Future Generations. She has had extensive experience working with start ups and growing networks in her professional sales career.

With EcoBirth’s philosophy, Deep Womb Ecology, Molly promulgates the realization that mother/baby is the life giver and birther whose embodied experience enables the spread of maternal love and compassion to the world. Connecting to our maternal lines back to the beginning of the cosmos is our reclaimed story of creation and redemption.

We women come from a long history of oppression and feel the dark trauma of Mother Earth in our cells. Like in birth labor, we can yield to our body’s innate knowing, to open, to birth our beauty and compassion and as bearers of the future generations in our wombs, claim our sacred and joyous authority to care for, protect and bless all life.

As a Women’s Collective Matrix, we can form a world reflecting our ancestral kinship of healing, nurturance and well-being.

Molly wants to make obvious this holding, forming structure that women are by virtue of their bodies and minds and hearts and in relationship with each other so that we can be called Beloved Ancestors by the healthy, thriving future generations, our precious babies.


I am excited to offer insights at the Birthkeeper Summit on why environmentalists, feminists, spiritual seekers and all peoples should be birth activists!

We are together in this Collective Matrix, forming, growing, uniting our valuesand actions so our world will be healed and our children will be healthy.

There is no more important work to be done by all, especially by women: the life-givers and birthers and first environment of the future generations- join us to create a better world!

- Molly Arthur

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