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We are waiting for Nan's biography-- but here is a snip form her Amazon Book page:

Nan is a master herbalist, life skills teacher and midwife who specializes in helping mothers give natural birth. "Artemis" is the name of the Goddess of Midwifery who complements the medical or Apollonic (wo)management of childbirth by obstetrics.

The purpose of this book is to bring both aspects together, making birth the best it can be. A new wave introduction to natural childbirth afterC-section and other medical traumas, this book helps families to heal and optimize future childbirth. V/BAC is a term coined by Nancy Wainer Cohen which means, "Vaginal Birth After Cesarean" and Artemis Speaks transforms the myth that "once a cesarean, always a cesarean". From publisher's Jeannine Parvati Baker's point of view, mothers who have been sectioned surgically have a special calling to heal the Earth by healing birth.

This book includes much, much more beyond pregnancy and birth it's for anyone into healthy, loving transitions and keeping families whole.

The collected notes from a generation of home-based practice from a granny midwife / herbalist with contributions by JPB (author of Prenatal Yoga, Hygieia: A Woman's Herbal and Conscious Conception ) and many others who reclaimed birth from the cult of the expert, back onto the lap of the family.