Suzanne Arms, Birthing The Future
Mothering Magazine, "Living Treasure."
Suzanne Arms is a lecturer, a film maker and an author of 7 groundbreaking books on pregnancy, birth,
reastfeeding and adoption. She co-founded one of the first birthing centers in the United States and her name is an inspiration to countless midwives, nurses and physicians, as well as parents-to-be.  Her second book, Immaculate Deception, was named "New York Times Best Book of the Year" in 1975.

Arms focuses much of her time working for her non-profit organization, "Birthing The Future (BTF)." She is an advocate for holistic, sustainable health policies and practices, conscious parenting, and preventing and healing birth trauma.

"The Time Is Now" is BTF 's grassroots campaign to focus attention and resources on birth and the mother-baby connection, which lays the foundation

for love & trust, health & resiliency, cooperation & community and a non-violent world




"The Birthkeeper Summit is going to be a very significant event and I'm proud to be a part of planning it and speaking.

It's so important that, whatever our primary focus regarding birth, we understand the Big Picture and see ourselves as activists; that will change what we do and the impact that we have."

-Suzanne Arms

Birthing The Future

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